What is Depression & Anxiety?

Depression affects people in various ways. They may range from losing interest in the things once loved, feeling unhappiness, hopelessness, or feeling tearful. People with depression may show symptoms of anxiety as well.

What Are The Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety?

Symptoms related to emotions can range depending on the severity of depression. From mildest is persistent low spirit, while severe depression can develop suicidal thoughts.

There can be physical symptoms of depression as well.

  Feeling tired constantly.

  Loss of appetite.

  Loss of sex drive.

  Sleeping badly.

  Various aches and pains.

How Can You Get Your Depression / Anxiety Tested?

If you suspect that you might be depressed, avoid delaying seeking help and consult a specialist at Springfield Medical Clinic. to help you in your recovery. Depending on the diagnosis, the recommended treatment will be discussed with you.