5 High-Cholesterol Foods to Avoid for Healthy Living

Are you planning to eliminate cholesterol from your diet? 

Not every cholesterol-rich food is terrible for you. Excessive cholesterol can block arteries and cause heart disease as well as stroke. However, a positive role of cholesterol is the production of vitamin D and hormones, apart from acting as a building block for cell membranes. 

Therefore, health experts recommend maintaining a moderate level of cholesterol. Let us find out how we can do so by avoiding high-cholesterol food. 

1.   Red Meat 

Red meat is one of the most significant sources of cholesterol. However, every part of red meat does not have a high saturated fat content. Some parts like hot dogs, salami, processed red meat, ground beef, and prime ribs are the fattier cuts of meat. 

Furthermore, people who often consume red meat are more likely to have elevated cholesterol levels. But, if you love eating red meat, a reasonable portion of lean cuts taken twice a month and other healthy choices may not make a big difference.  

2.   Fried Food 

Another food that is most likely to increase cholesterol is the fried food category. 

The oil used in frying the food items is usually high in saturated fat. Especially when the food is fried in reused oil, it loses unsaturated fats and gains trans fats. 

Therefore, try to replace the deep-frying method with shallow frying or baking. You can also do the grilling and use olive oil. Health experts recommend using olive oil but not cooking it. If cooked, the olive oil will lose its nutritional value and work the same as other oils. 

3.   Alcohol 

If you are an alcohol addict, it’s time to change this habit. Excessive intake of alcohol increases cholesterol levels and may result in multiple diseases. However, if you reduce alcohol consumption, you can protect your liver, control body weight, and reduce the chances of high blood pressure. 

4.   Foods High in Salt 

Apart from the above changes, try to reduce the amount of salt in your routine diet. Too much salt intake can increase bad cholesterol and negatively impact your health. Additionally, always say a big no to table salt. Not just this, but other food items like snacks, frozen food, bread rolls, and sandwiches also have a good amount of salt. 

5.   Foods High in Sugar 

Just like salt, keep an eye on the sugar intake. Always read the labels and try to avoid food with added sugar. Apart from it, refrain from eating food with high-fructose corn syrup. 

Sweetened beverages, desserts, cereals, snack bars, and pastries are commonly high in sugar. But to satisfy your sugar tooth craving, you can include some fruits in your routine diet. 

Gradually work on making healthy changes in your routine diet. Soon you will be able to maintain a balanced level of cholesterol. If you have a high blood pressure issue or other heart diseases due to high cholesterol, book an appointment at Springfield Medical Clinic